Open to children in age-group 2½–5 years, the NAB Mata Lachmi Nursery for the Blind was launched on August 15, 1969, in the spacious premises of Mata Lachmi Trust building at Sion, Mumbai. This Nursery was a pioneering attempt of NAB (India) towards early intervention for blind children. Besides space, the donor – Her Holiness Mata Lachmi – had also offered NAB Rs.10,000 for equipment and other devices.


Program for Multi-Disabled Visually Impaired (MDVI)

  1. Early Intervention.
  2. Functional assessment.
  3. Academic Training – administering primary school curriculum to educable MDVI children, and enabling them to appear for examinations through municipal schools in the vicinity.
  4. Picnics and Outings.
  5. Intensive training in plus curriculum and gradually facilitating their inclusion in special schools or IE programs.

Through these measures and diversified services, the Nursery has been able to substantially increase its coverage.

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