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State Branches


National Association for the Blind, India is one of the largest voluntary organizations in the disability sector, engaged in work for the blind for almost seven decades.  It has pioneered of a wide range of services, activities and programmes aimed at prevention and cure of Blindness, Education, Training, Employment and Rehabilitation of the Blind,  Production of the Braille and Audio literature, Empowerment of blind women, Care of the Aging blind, Promotion of access technology and so on. 

To take this work throughout the country the importance of establishing a nationwide network of services for the visually challenged was soon felt. This led to the establishment of the first Branch of NAB (India) now known as NAB Tamil Nadu State Branch on January 28, 1960. This was followed by opening of Branches in Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra and so on. The National Association for the Blind, India now has 22 State and 65 District Branches working for the welfare of Blind community across the country.

NAB State Branches Committee


Dr. Shishir Kumar Das


Honorary Secretary In-Charge

Dr. Vimal Kumar Dengla



Shri Gopal Krishna Agarwal

Shri Rananjay Singh

Shri Atul Sahay

Shri Deepak Kumar Raval

Ms. Deepti Bhatia



Shri N. Robinson, Dy. Director


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