Vocational Training

Visually Impaired Students Learning to Operate Machines

Vocational Training


The National Association for the Blind (NAB) is a voluntary organisation working for the welfare of the visually impaired since 1952.
In 1985, with the financial assistance from the Industrial
Development Bank of India (IDBI), the NAB has established a Polytechnic for the Visually Impaired at Ambarnath.

This Polytechnic was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. The Polytechnic with a capacity of 100 trainees, aims to train the visually impaired youths on sophisticated machinery based on specially drafted technical trades. So far, it has trained a sizeable number of candidates from all over India.  Some of them have been successfully
employed in factories and workshops.


A person who loses the most precious gift of God (sight) tends to become frustrated. He needs proper counselling, guidance and training to boost up his confidence. Keeping this view in mind the NAB has taken up this challenging training programme through which it would be possible to rehabilitate this unprivileged section of the society socio-economically.


The Centre proposes to provide one year apprenticeship to the visually impaired trainees who pass out from the Polytechnic on completion of a one-year course as “Workshop  Machine Operator”  This will train them to become skilled workers and to be adapted to regular workshop environment. Visually Impaired persons are also trained to operate plastic moulding machines, assemble various types of mechanical, electrical equipments and make office files.

The Centre also provides vocational training for developing 20 visually impaired persons per year in, Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
It also collects bulk orders for training purpose from leading industries. The Centre provides work experience to the visually impaired under factory conditions. This prepares the visually impaired for independent self-employment, or to start their own business or co-operative enterprises. 


The project benefits approximately 50 visually impaired annually. The trained entrepreneurs will be able to run a concern efficiently on commercial and business line with modern management techniques, even if they do not succeed in getting appropriate jobs. The two year training which the NAB-IDBI Polytechnic imparts is more or less on the line of Government ITIs. But the trained students are not absorbed by big industrial works as apprentice like their sighted counterparts. The Centre, will thus, meet this pressing need.


Where do you come into picture?

The total recurring expenditure to run the project is worked out to Rs. 90 lakhs a year. As against this the income from work orders is estimated at approximately Rs. 15 lakhs per year. The project is likely to be financially self supporting once it gathers momentum.
Meanwhile, the Project needs help from philanthropists like you.




1) Assembly work of different electrical/ mechanical equipments.

2) Sorting/ Inspection work (by snap gauge, go-no gauges etc).

3) Can work as an operator on Workshop Machines such as Lathe, Shaping, Milling, Drilling,  Power & Hand presses, Plastic Moulding, suitable for carrying out repeated operations (mass production work) once the machine is set by Supervisor.


You Can Help Us By


1) You may donate in cash or kind.

2) You may absorb the trained youth in your organisation. 

3) You may provide us your work orders.

4) You may donate one day’s meal on the day of your choice: Upahaar Yojana. 

5) You may donate Student uniforms, welcome kit or sponsor sports, tours etc.

6) You may purchase the products manufactured by our Visually Impaired trainees
i.e. Office Files, White Cane etc.




We seek your help in reducing the burden of NAB by way of sponsoring a day’s meals “Upahaar Yojana” which costs just Rs. 7000/-. As you are aware NAB is already under pressure on account of its countrywide activities. 30% of annual expenditure is met by reimbursement from the state government and balance comes through donations and internal accruals by way of job orders procured by the centre. 

Your sponsorship for a Day’s Meal will not only give you an opportunity to help the less privileged but also to do a worthy deed for a noble cause.
Your sponsorship is exempted from Income Tax under relevant provisions.

Donations paid are exempted from Income Tax as per the prescribed rules of Income Tax (under 80-G) Act.

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